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Company History

Progis Tracking, trading as ProTrack is a subsidiary of Progis Geospatial Limited, a Geographic Information (GIS) consulting company with expert – level capabilities and experiences in all aspects of geospatial data acquisition, location based solutions and digital mapping. Protrack is leveraging on its years of of experiences in GPS assets tracking, telematics and internet of things (IOT) to propose an integrated, efficient fleet management solution powered by Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR) system to Ingrace Multiple Concepts Limited. Our fleet management solution guarantees vehicle security, efficiency & cost, driver management, location awareness, compliance and advanced telematics. Our solution Provides fleets with powerful and simple tools to cut management and fuel expenses, increase productivity and prevent accidents.

Protrack vehicle tracking system is both reliable and easy-to-use as it offers considerable financial benefits to commercial fleet operators. GPS satellite and Internet technology are used to deliver vehicle logs to you through our web application. The obvious and most basic benefit of all vehicle tracking systems is always knowing where your company vehicles are. However, we offer other benefits that can help our clients achieve their business goals through GPS Tracking and telematics. GPS vehicle tracking is so much more than just knowing where your vehicles are. Professionally implemented vehicle tracking with fleet management solutions do help organisations reduce operating costs, increase fleet security and safety, improve customer service and more. Our GPS System keeps track on the movement of vehicles all the time. It records the complete route taken by vehicles and store the data at secured cloud server accessible as reports or maps by authorized individuals.

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