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Fuel Monitoring

Monitor fuel consumption and prevent fuel thefts

Deliver the most positive user experience of fuel monitoring with clear calibration tables, detailed graphical reports and instant notifications.

Intuitive Calibration

Connect and manage any fuel sensors, including BLE and other innovative solutions.

Prevent fuel theft on spot

Provide instant alerts by sms or email on drastic or sudden fuel level changes.

Analyze each filling and drain

Generate detailed fuel reports for any period to browse the fillings and drains of each driver.

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Eco Driving

Control driving behavior

Monitor drivers on the road. Set parameters for each violation, get instant notifications and analyze the results for any period.


Learn if drivers go over the speed limit. Save fuel and avoid fines.

Harsh Driving

Prevent deadly accidents. Monitor harsh acceleration, harsh braking and cornering.

Excessive Idling

Get rid of needless idlings. Save engine lifetime, fuel and reduce carbon emissions.

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Driver Journal

Save money on tax returns and refine discipline

Easily sort journeys into business and private. Claim reimbursement on business mileage. Detect private errands during the shift.

Business Trips

Empower SMB and enterprises with most complete tax deductions, making every mile count.

Private Trips

Raise accountability by having a constant access to any past trips a driver takes.

Classify in Seconds

All trips are logged automatically. Sort them in seconds, using exact locations, mileage, and timing.

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Prevent breakdowns and downtime

Help customers keep the vehicles in mint condition. Create a detailed service job checklist for timely notifications and reminders.

Schedule Service Jobs

Create and manage fleet related service works in several clicks. Schedule jobs by date, mileage and engine hours.

Manage the Service Checklist

View and print the list of planned service works at any time. Group jobs by vehicle, fuel type and departments.

Be notified to perform on time

Get timely reminders about scheduled service works by SMS, email or push notifications to increase fleet life cycle.

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Avoid accidents and emergencies

Enable Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) to anticipate and detect upcoming dangers, provide adequate warning, and avoid collisions.


With a suite of sensors and cameras onboard, ADAS scans the driving scene and key vehicle parameters to provide an early warning in case of danger:

departure warning
Forward collision warning
Adaptive cruise control
Adaptive highlights, etc.
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Driver Identification

Safeguard fleet from unauthorized use

If several employees use one vehicle separately, Driver ID feature allows to monitor who’s driving now and learn how a driver sticks to work and rest requirements

Real-time Drivers control

Browse the widget to know which employee is driving right now and what time the shift change took place.

Shifts and work/rest analytics

Create visual reports with diagrams and tables. Find out employees’ shifts and time without rest for any period of time.

Learn about every shift change

Get instant notifications on e-mail or by SMS: shift in/out, SOS button, speeding, harsh driving.

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Route Planning

Plan fastest routes

Enable fast, automatic route planning. Enjoy the GPS tracking platform that considers road restrictions and flawlessly adapts to current traffic.

Route Deviation detection

Empower supervisors to stay immediately updated on any detours and alterations. Detect personal trips or thefts with no time wasted.

Avoid bottlenecks

Experience optimized routes generated automatically. Skip traffic jams or small trails, not suitable for specific vehicle types.

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