Fleet Video Monitoring

Keep a watchful eye on your fleet and staff, both on and off road, right from the comfort of your own desk with our MDVR Camera Solutions.

Cameras can be accessed remotely for live viewing or for historical video via a link or application, both on IOS and Android.

MDVR video monitoring benefits

  • Up to 4 wired cameras recording continuously while the vehicle ignition is ON and for a configurable duration after the ignition is OFF.

  • Ability to download and view historial videos from the unit’s memory.

  • On board robust Solid State storage allows the storing of geographic and date/time stamped videos for over 200 hours.

  • Sleek Mobile Application and Web User Interface for on-hand video view and alert monitoring. Mobile Application available on the App Store and Play Store.

GSM & WiFI Communication

  • Communication via EDGE / 3G, HSPA and WiFi

  • Exception alerts, generated by pre-defined triggers, recorded and uploaded onto the Viewer Server (Terms and Conditions Apply)

  • Ability to stream camera channels over EDGE / 3G via the Web User Interface

  • Recorded video data stored on the 852 Video Telematics unit and can be uploaded to the cloud via EDGE / 3G and / or WiFi depending on the configured priorities


MDVR solutions for vehicles


Mobile Surveillance Solution


1080P MDVR 4-8 Cam DVR System Night Recording

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